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Magic runes

The oldest form of runic alphabet. It is said that Viking runes have a protector effect and they can be used for protection and in spells for success.

This product is finished with white gold (Rhodium) of the best quality.

Chain size
Small: 40cm + extra 5cm
Big: 55cm + extra 5cm

This piece has been handcrafted and may vary in shape and color from the photos shown. All pieces are individually treated and polished. Our collection is designed to be unisex.

All our jewels are sold individually (one piece).


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INAUREM guarantees that you will acquire a product made entirely in Spain, made with a high quality treatment and finished with precious metals of the highest carat such as 24K Gold and Rhodium, a metal with 99% of purity and 99% nobility.

All our creations are free of Nickel and Cadmium, which is why we comply with the anti-allergen regulations.


Recommendations for use

We advise you to follow the following steps for a better conservation of the jewels:


  • Do not use perfumes, cosmetics and lotions after putting on the jewelry.
  • Sea salt, chlorine from the pool, cleaning products and any type of chemical could damage the jewelry. Avoid contact of the jewelry with them.
  • It is recommended to remove the jewelry before physical activity.
  • Avoid exposure to sudden temperature changes.
  • Store jewelry pieces individually, avoiding contact with other jewelry of other metals.
  • The chains should be kept closed and wrapped to avoid forming knots.

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